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Hikvision Digital CCTV

Digital CCTV Solutions

This solution is ideal for home owner inside a residential security estate. Ideally suited for small premises  where the business owner is looking for  less than 8 cameras. The variety within this range is limited though. This system requires DVR and cables with separate power supply. The easiest to sum Digital analogue camera up would be that the intelligence of your security system is completely based on the quality of you DVR.


Professional Digital CCTV Solutions

Should you have an existing infrastructure of digital analogue cctv camera on you site already, it would make sense to upgrade the complete system, and display it via video management software in a centralized area. This Solutions is also available on rental for business


Professional IP Camera Solutions

Image quality, sharpness is much greater than conventional analog CCTV cameras, and better than HD analog CCTV cameras. Using IP camera security solutions at your home or business premises will give you more accurate alarm functionality as well. Using CCTV Specialists will allow you to really get value out of your system, from installation and setup, to assistance with self maintenance. 

Panovu see colour at night CCTV


Digital CCTV security cameras is ideal for small to medium sized homes that needs to cover basic details. By no means should this be considered enough of a security solution though. 

For small holdings or just your home in the security estate, we can assist with design or ready made DIY CCTV Solutions catered for your home.


Small Business

CCTV needed on small business premises, specifically owner operated business with less than 8 staff.

First time CCTV installer? Small Business also have rent options and off-site monitoring solutions. Security Reaction companies would use CCTV for guard improvement service 


This would make the offline management more effective. This option is also available on rental solutions


Industrial Perimeter CCTV Solutions

SA Security Installation teams are accredited and approved by major resellers and distribution partners. We are a preferred and authorized installer of high en security camera across southern Africa
FLIR Is The World Leader In The Design, Manufacture, And Marketing Of Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras, and SA Security Solutions is proud to say that we only promote Flir cameras for thermal solutions

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How can the CCTV Specialists and Experts help you?

SA Security Solutions has years of experience with digital CCTV Solutions. We will assist clients with DIY projects and we also willing to do full installations with full warranty and guarantees that goes with a professional installation. Remember, our advice is free, if you not sure, send your details or call, make sure you invest in the correct items from the start. 


Digital CCTV Solution experts. Analogue systems, small or big. Supply and install at your home or business. Hikvision and Provision-ISR accredited.


Fault finding and solving complicated integrated security site. PTZ CCTV installations and setup.


Thermal and IP Camera solutions integrating with existing security infrastructure. Complete new solutions with control room


The alternative to buying a CCTV system, with all the benefits and unrestricted use of equipment