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Fault finding and solving complicated integrated security site. PTZ CCTV installations and setup.


Thermal and IP Camera solutions integrating with existing security infrastructure. Complete new solutions with control room


The alternative to buying a CCTV system, with all the benefits and unrestricted use of equipment

The CCTV options to consider

CCTV can quickly become very technical, the easiest way to understand, is to divide them into 3 basic categories.


Conventional Analog CCTV cameras

This is a type of CCTV camera which has existed for a long time. These cameras’ resolution is in “TVL” - TV Lines. The video signal is analog. Here is the demo video from conventional analog CCTV camera:

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HD analog CCTV cameras

The video image resolution can be 720P, 1080P, etc. The image sharpness is much better than conventional analog CCTV cameras. But it is still considered an analog signal. Those commonly seen HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI refer to different standards of HD analog CCTV camera

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IP CCTV camera

This is fully digitalised CCTV camera. Because of it’s digital nature, compression and decompression is achieve at the camera level. Image quality, sharpness is much greater than conventional analog CCTV cameras, and better than HD analog CCTV cameras.

Videofied Gets Arrests with SA Security Solutions CCTV

Video-verified alarms lead to quicker dispatch and more arrests.

See the evidence and read the case studies here.

The truth is undeniable : video-verified alarms are drastically more effective than traditional alarm systems.Time and again, the benefits reinforce each other:

  • Video verification of intruders leads to a priority response police dispatch.
  • Quicker dispatch, with immediate visual identification of the intruders, leads to more apprehensions and arrest.
  • More apprehensions and arrests lead to growing community support and continued priority response to video-verified alarms.


Creating Solutions and providing peace of mind

Working closely with our clients in developing security solutions to their needs, has channeled our business in a direction where we will assist from consultation to implementation.

Installation and execution. Training and Service agreements. CCTV remains our core focus, we have developed and designed solutions for clients based on the requirements of a site.

Our Relationships with local and international brands allows us to go above and beyond on projects that require demonstration and presentation.

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