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What does Rental Solutions Mean?

The alternative to buying a CCTV system, with all the benefits and unrestricted use of equipment

CCTV Rental Solutions

Off Balance Sheet Financing

CCTV rental solutions will be operating expenses, therefore it does not affect the key ratios and metrics of an organizations balance sheet. Making the decision easy.

Cashflow Protection

Conservation of Working Capital

There is no need to outlay working capital on rapidly depreciating items.

Tax Advantages

A rental is considered as an operating expense and is therefore fully tax deductible

Upgrade Anytime

Upgrade to new technology whenever needed

Modern Office technology become rapidly obsolete, CCTV rental allows companies to upgrade to the most up to date technology without taking large capital losses

SA Security Solutions is accredited and approved with product suppliers and financials institutions who can provide rental terms from 12 months to 60 months. SLA Agreements and maintenance available with insurance. All in one CCTV rental solutions.

Don't compromise on quality!

Not all CCTV systems fulfill the technical and legal requirements to be used for court evidence, and it is important to rent CCTV from a reputable company to ensure your system is not just an expensive deterrent

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Creating Solutions and providing peace of mind

Working closely with our clients in developing security solutions to their needs, has channeled our business in a direction where we will assist from consultation to implementation.

Installation and execution. Training and Service agreements. CCTV remains our core focus, we have developed and designed solutions for clients based on the requirements of a site.

Our Relationships with local and international brands allows us to go above and beyond on projects that require demonstration and presentation.

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Digital CCTV Solution experts. Analogue systems, small or big. Supply and install at your home or business. Hikvision and Provision-ISR accredited.


Fault finding and solving complicated integrated security site. PTZ CCTV installations and setup.


Thermal and IP Camera solutions integrating with existing security infrastructure. Complete new solutions with control room


The alternative to buying a CCTV system, with all the benefits and unrestricted use of equipment