Videofied - The Alarm System with Video Verification

The Videofied Concept

Videofied & SA Security Solutions CCTV Specialists

Established in 2010, Videofied SA Distribute the full range of Videofied products both locally in South Africa and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

SA Security Solutions, CCTV Specialists and experts, are proud to market, maintain and install Videofied. With varouis off site monitoring options availible across Southern Africa we can assist clients from Karoo to Timbaktu, bur we are situated in Pretoria Sinoville Gauteng.

Wireless Motion Viewers

Over Two-Hundred - 24-Hour monitoring centres are now pro-actively using Video Verification products as a strategic business tool to drive their costs down! This is why SA Security solutions consider this to be extremely effective alarm system.

We will continue to grow from strength to strength because our Priority Response vision permeates through to all end users that are constantly looking demanding a better, proactive Alarm Monitoring service.

Indoor Sites Apllications

  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centres and Malls
  • Offices and Commercial Property
  • Schools
  • Vacant Properties
  • Pharmacies

Benefits for HVAC and Rooftop Applications


  • Portable “bucket cams” are one easy installation option
  • Video verification is often the only way to motivate police to access the roof
  • Videofied and priority response often deliver police before the damage occurs


  • Scrap and Recycling Yards
  • Construction Sites
  • Vehicle Depots
  • Fenced Lots
  • Copper Theft
  • Cell sites and Towers
  • Substations
  • Agriculture
  • Remote Facilities, Mines and Quarries
  • Guard Enhancement

Upgrade your alarm System Today

Enhance Existing Alarm Systems with a Videofied Upgrade

The Upgrade Concept

With Videofied control panels you can link a Videofied system to an existing burglar alarm system for a video verification upgrade to priority police response and greater security.
The upgrade option simply allows the existing alarm system to arm/disarm the Videofied system.
This means that the user interface from the existing keypad, remote fobs and other arming devices does not change.
Videofied simply “piggy backs” onto the existing alarm system as one more feature, providing an added level of protection for the consumer.

What We're Trying to Prevent

The video below shows a Videofied upgrade kit catching a burglar ripping wires out of an existing alarm system. SA Security Solutions CCTV Specialists and Experts will assist with quotation and implementation for your upgrade.

Features & Benefits


  • Can operate in both a “fully armed” or “stay at home” mode. The “stay at home” mode protects the privacy of the consumer because the Videofied upgrade system will only arm, detect, and send video once the perimeter has been breached and the existing alarm system has gone into alarm. The MotionViewers then provide the responding law enforcement with valuable information on the location and the type of threat inside the property.


  • Communication options: Ethernet, Ethernet with cellular backup, or cellular
  • Available for all major brands of alarm systems (see tech notes below)
  • Expand security to remote areas not currently protected such as garages, barns, docks and storage sheds
  • Preserve all existing codes, keypads and arming protocols used by employees and family

Videofied is video alarm security like you’ve never seen before.